Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School 2011

We started school last Monday, so summer is over for us.... but we KILLED it this year.

Summer Bucket List
We still want to cross off a few more fun plans, but we actually did accomplish most of what we had wanted to when we made the list in May.  I highly suggest writing it down!  We are going to make a fall bucket list soon.

We have a few not-back-to-school traditions around here:

Mama starts getting up early again...(no picture at 5:30, but trust me, I looked like merry sunshine)

New school supplies (maybe my favorite thing ever)...

Dessert for breakfast...

Early morning cherry pie

And of course, pictures on the back step...

Poor girl has allergies like nobody's business right now.  She really is happy about school, I promise.

School Room Reality

Listen, I love looking at gorgeous school rooms as much as the next girl.  And they really are inspirational, aren't they?  (Have you seen Sara's?  How about Ann's?  Or OMSH's?  And yes, I have stolen ideas from all of these).

But over here in the reality of we-live-in-an-old-farmhouse, we don't have an extra room to reserve just for school, as much as I would LOVE that.  I think most homeschool moms have kids who do school at the kitchen table, right?.  My table was in the picture above with the new pencils.  And I do love it.  Here are some other little things in my school-house that we love:

Reading nook in playroom?  Idea stolen, natch.
Beginnings of a gallery wall in living room
Coffee table repurposed as a kid desk area
Reminders for the teacher.  Er, I meant students.
Back to school gift from Grandma's garden
Dining room photo wall

So that is the grand tour of little changes we've made to the house since last year.  Nothing major, but we are always tinkering around.

Have I told you lately how much I love these girls?!

I didn't know if you knew, so I'm taking this chance to say, that I had the best day with you, today.  
Taylor Swift

Monday, August 29, 2011

City Girl Goes Fishing

Grandpa Brian has a fishing pond back behind some fields.  Needless to say, all the grandkids absolutely love it.  (Remember what I said about Seth's parents working hard to make opportunities for family fun?  Exactly!)  I wasn't lucky enough to go last summer, being pregnant and all (ahem), so this was my first time.  Honestly, this was probably my second or third time fishing EVER.  I know.  I was a deprived child.  (Kidding, kidding).

Anyway, I was lucky enough to have my friend Lindsey, a born and raised country girl, with me to show me how it's done.  We just love Mike and Lindsey and their family.

My sister Indira was also spending some time with us, so we had eight kids under 8 (and only four adults) at first.  None of the kids remembered how to bait and cast, if they had ever learned.  It was a madhouse.  We were very, very grateful when both sets of grandparents showed up to help.

Each of the kiddos, even our two year olds, caught fish.  The fish were pretty much jumping right out of the pond and onto the hooks.

I took many, many pictures.  Of course.

Daddy brings home the bait
This is deeply fascinating.

Seth and Olivia

Charlotte was not going to let anyone stop her.
Jace's first catch, of probably 25

Lindsey and Peyton
Toddler fish

Mike and Jace


Grandma and Hen



School has started again for pretty much everyone around here this week.  We're starting up today.  I hope you guys enjoy the end of the summer.  It feels like fall already, doesn't it?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Henry, 8 months

Some of you have been asking for new pictures of Baby Hen.  I haven't forgotten about him, I promise.  I just tend to be so busy taking care of him that I miss taking pictures of him.  Poor fourth baby.  Trust me, he is well-loved.

We had a little photo shoot at the park last week.  Henry found the grass alternately horrifying and very interesting....

Er, Mama, what is this?

Seriously.  I'm not liking this green stuff.

Mama, you're coming to rescue me, right?

Don't make me put both hands on it.

Well, if nothing else, maybe it tastes good.

Still no.

I give up.

Huh.  This is kinda fun.

Maybe my tongue can reach this tasty blade.

Putting my fall game face on.

My boy.  Growing up too fast for his Mama.