Friday, August 12, 2011

Small Town Life

Last weekend we went to one of the many small town festivals around us.  These are one of the most fun things about living in rural America.  Needless to say, the kids adore them, and Seth and I love them too.  Seth likes to see everyone he grew up with (and I do mean everyone), and I love the tradition..the older people saluting the flag, the high school band, the beauty queens, the vintage tractors.


You want to feel good about America?  Stop reading the dread and doom in the newspaper and head on out to a small town parade.  Here in the country, what's really important hasn't changed so much since your grandparents' days.

How can you resist this, seriously?!

If you're local, one of our favorite festivals is the Lena Lions Fall Festival, which I think is September 9-11 this year.  Well, well worth making a trip out here, if you live close.  Or even if you don't.

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