1.  Why homeschooling?

The 10 second answer: because it works for our family.

The long answer: this is more of an offensive vs defensive decision for us.  Our kids have never gone to school, and Seth and I both had great school experiences in our childhoods.  There is nothing we are trying to run away from.  On the other hand, we are intrigued by the possibilities that individualized teaching and having our family home together offer us.  As with any parenting decision, it is complicated.  We have been enormously happy with how our past five years have gone, but that doesn’t mean that we are married to this choice forever.  We will continue to reassess and do what we feel like is best for our family and each child every year.

2.  Should I homeschool my kids?

Only you know the answer to that!  You know your children best.  I do think homeschooling offers an excellent option to many children and families.  I do think that there are often children who could benefit incredibly from homeschooling, who are not currently homeschooled.  Sometimes I think some parents don’t even consider homeschooling, because it is still an alternative choice.  That being true, I think there are plenty of families for which homeschooling would not work well, for whatever reason. You know what is best for your kids.

3.  What can you tell me about farming that I’m not hearing in the media?

One: Big farms are family farms.  If you see an acreage number that seems huge to you, keep in mind that family is probably supporting several full-time family employees.  That is why some farms are bigger than others.

Two: Corporate farms are family farms.  Our family farms under a couple of different entities, including corporations.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  Most likely, when you see “corporate farm”, that is just a family farm like ours with a fancy legal name, not an evil empire ruling acreage from another state or country.

Three: Most farmers are not rich.  Seriously.  Our profits go back into our farm, just like in most other small businesses.  Even a very successful farm does not usually mean a wealthy lifestyle for the farmer. We don’t get health insurance, 401ks, or any other company safety net benefits, besides loyalty and love, because we’re not a company, we’re a family who chooses to work together.   We’re not complaining, but that is a truth you don’t often hear in the mainstream media.

3.   Why a big family?

I don’t even know a “real” answer to that, except that this is what we felt called to do.  We love having our little tribe.  And yes, sometimes it has been very, very hard.  But overall, there is so much joy here.  That is the greatest surprise and blessing of my life.

4.  Is 5 kids even a big family?

It depends on how many kids the asker has.  :)  But yes.  Having five all younger than a certain age definitely feels like a big family.  And four kids is right around the time you start to hear judgment and unsolicited comments on your family size.  All.the.time.

5. How can I buy Arbonne from you?

Easy!  Just contact me through email or FB, or, if you'd rather shop yourself, visit www.arbonne.com and use my id number: 14882635.  Thanks for asking!

Do you have other questions? 

Email me and I’ll see what I can do!