Hi, I’m Shannon.  I’m married to Seth, and we have five children, from nine years old down to one year old.  We also have a farm in the Northwest corner of Illinois, five pigs (whoops, down to two. Three are now bacon), a booming children’s egg-selling business, and a random assortment of cats and a dog who live in the barn.  My family is my calling.  Being an Arbonne team leader is my job, and it is the best one I’ve ever had. (My Arbonne website is www.shannonwenzel.arbonne.com).

I started this blog to document my journey from city girl law student to farmer’s wife.  Ten years ago, I had no clue that we’d eventually have five babies, a farm, an exploding Arbonne business, and a homeschool.  Those are the best and hardest-won decisions of my life.  Those are the choices that MAKE my life.

Welcome a small record of my joy and struggles.