Friday, May 20, 2011

An Open Letter to Abusive Men

Are you a child?  This post isn't for you.  Maybe you would like to head on over here.

Grown-ups?  This post contains profanity.

A young woman I know and love has been having an issue with an abusive (much older-in his sixties-) man in her life this week, and things escalated to the point where he was threatening her.

(Gentlemen: we all know that you cannot call a girl certain names, right?  That is verbal abuse.  We also know that we can't threaten to physically harm her, right?  That is also abuse.  You also cannot harass people she knows on the internet, or in real life.  That is harassment.  Glad we got that cleared up).

If you know me at all in real life, you know that I am a real mama bear, and I have a protective streak a mile wide.  For better or worse, I'm not messing around when it comes to the girls I love.  And guess what?  I'm not that nice of a person.  (Consider yourself warned).  So as a preface know....actually killing him, with her permission, I dropped him a little note.

She says I can share this with you.  Enjoy.

(All names changed to protect the innocent.  And the guilty, not that he deserves it).

What should we call him for blog purposes?  Bastard it is-

Let's have a talk, shall we?  

Despite any feelings I may have had about what was going on between you and SweetGirl in the past, I have left you well enough alone.  Girl is a grown-up, and she needs to live her own life.  I have never interfered with your personal life, by telling you, for example, that you are a sick and morally corrupt man for taking advantage of a girl her age and in her position.  Like I said, I have left you alone.  Now, however, a line has been crossed and I am unwilling to let your behavior continue.  

I understand that you have certain feelings for SweetGirl that are not reciprocated, and I'm sure that is heartbreaking.  I am sympathetic to the fact that you feel like you were the one who may have been taken advantage of here.  I have no doubt that SweetGirl has said and done things that are infuriating and frustrating beyond words.  I appreciate any assistance that you have given her, financially or otherwise.

But I don't give a shit.  Your behavior is completely unacceptable.  Let's not even talk about how ridiculous it is for a man your age to be acting this way.  If you ever, ever speak to her like you have been doing, or threaten her again in any way, I will call the police.  I will call everyday.  I will come out there and make your life miserable, in every single legal way possible.  This is the worst possible situation for you- a woman who went to law school, at home with four children and nothing but time.

Stop calling her.  Stop texting her.  Stop Facebooking her or her friends.  Stop blackmailing her.  Stop trying to see her.  She does not want to see or talk to you again.  You will get your keys back when she gets around to it.

You seem to think that SweetGirl is all alone in the world, and because of that, you can treat her however you want.  That is just not the case.  Whether or not she is strong enough to stand for herself, we are here to stand for her.  

You gambled and lost on this one buddy.  Take it like the grown-up you're supposed to be and leave her the hell alone.

Shannon O'Dell Wenzel

P.S.  Stop threatening to tell me all SweetGirl's deep dark secrets.  I don't care.  You can't shock me.  I know her worst qualities and I love her anyway.  That's what love is.  I am 100% certain that everyone else in her life feels the same way.

See now, I told you that I'm not that nice of a person.  Half of you are probably surprised, and the other half not at all.  But if you are a man thinking about being abusive to one of my girls, my friends, my sisters, my niece, you should probably think twice (although I'm thinking that my niece's daddy has her covered with a lot more than an email).

And on that note, Happy Friday!  Go out and have fun!  Try not to abuse women.

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  1.  Way to go Shanny! It's about time someone put Bastard in his place! You're amazing!!!