Friday, June 24, 2016

#OneSwap: 6 Summer Skincare Switch-Ups

Summer is finally here...hurray!  

With climbing temperatures, many of us need to change up our skincare. Here are the switches I make to my routine for summer:

1) Swap Re9 Day Cream for FC5 Oil-Absorbing Day Cream.

Many of us should switch to a lighter moisturizer in the heat to keep our skin looking fresh, and to protect ourselves from clogged pores.  The FC5 Day cream absorbs any shininess that may occur in the summer, and it contains SPF to protect your skin from the sun.  (In fact, I noticed last week after too much sun, my face was significantly paler than my poor chest and shoulders, where I had not applied any sunscreen.  Frankly, that is more effective than I would expect from a day cream!)  When I have been in the sun too often and feel dry, I add three drops of Nourishing Facial Oil to the day cream and mix in my hand, to ramp up the hydration.

(Are you leary of facial oils?  I was too, but they are such a popular trend that I knew I had to try one out.  When Arbonne released ours last April, I dove in, and I am IN LOVE.  A high-quality facial oil can be used on all skin types, even oily skin.  Arbonne's oil is a sheer dry oil, so it doesn't leave you feeling greasy.  But it does help your skin absorb moisturizer and treatment products more effectively, and I have noticed a serious improvement in my skin's radiance.  That glow is your best summer accessory!)

2) Loose powder for FC5 Mattifying Powder

While I love loose powder for the rest of year, it tends to cake up in the heat.  The Mattifying Powder is silky and helps keep makeup matte all day.  If you have extra oily skin, use this powder underneath your makeup and on top, for fresh makeup all day.

3) Primers and Setting Sprays

Makeup primer is an everyday essential for me all year round.  If you have never used makeup primer before, it a silky face product that allows your skin to stay matte, and it keeps your makeup in place during the heat.  Arbonne's Primer even has opti-light technology, which helps diffuse light off your face, giving you a flawless finish.

I also find eyeshadow primer to be more imperative during the hot temps.  During the summer, eye makeup tends to crease and slide.  Similar to facial primer, eye primer helps keep your eye makeup in place.  I use mine both above my eyes, and under as well.  It will help keep your undereye concealer from creasing too!

When I need my makeup to look perfect all day long for an important event, I bring out the serious equipment: makeup setting spray.  My current favorite is Urban Decay All-Night Setting Spray.  You spray it on after you finish your makeup, and it is pretty much like shellac for your face.  UD claims it will even keep your makeup waterproof while swimming, although I'm not sure I'd believe it that far. It IS hard to scrub off.  Still, if you are going to be a bridesmaid this season, or have a long day in the sun, it is a great summer product.  All that being true, it just can't be good for your skin to waterproof it everyday.  I save this one for special occasions.

4) Stock Up on Renewing Body Gelee, Awaken Salt Scrub, Suncreen, and Awaken Spray

Body Gelee for sunburn, razor irritation, rashes, and taking the itch out of bug bites.  This is truly a summer essential, and it smells incredible.

Salt Scrub for exfoliation, peeling skin from the sun, sunless tanner prep, and everyday shaving.  Exfoliated skin means a closer, less irritated shave, and a longer-lasting sunless tan.  (My tan esthetician always comments on how well-prepped my skin is, and my sunless tans last almost 14 days now!)

Awaken Spray to be used as a safe-for-any-age bug repellent.

Sunscreen. For obvious reasons.

5) Switch Up Lip Gloss, Foundation Color, and Eyeshadows

Despite sunscreen use, most of us tend to become a shade or two darker in summer, which calls for a change in makeup colors.  I switch my foundation shade from Buff to Honey Beige.  I also start playing with lighter and more metallic eye colors, and pinker lip shades.  My summer eyeshadow favorites are Mist, Opal, and Solar.  My go-to summer lip shades are Hibiscus for lipstick, and Larkspur for gloss.

6) Switch to Lighter Body Lotion

Just like your facial moisturizer, your favorite body lotion may start to feel too heavy in the summer.  I can usually get away with the oils left from using the salt scrub, but when I need a little extra boost of hydration, I use a light gel, like the Body Gelee, or the FC5 Conditioning Moisturizer.

If there were #OneSwap I could encourage you to make for the summer months, it would be to make certain that your daytime face lotion has a high enough SPF to protect you!  I know too many people who have been diagnosed with skin cancer lately.  It is SO easy to ensure you have sunscreen on everyday if it is in your day cream!

So, tell me, what summer #OneSwap will or do you try to help your skin beat the heat?

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