Friday, May 20, 2016

Clean Eating: Who & What Can It Help?

Now that we've discussed what exactly we mean when we talk about clean eating, let's chat about who this type of lifestyle can help.

In two new studies conducted by a very prestigious medical facility (who I cannot name until they publish the results themselves, but it starts with an "M" :) ), Arbonne's Clean Eating Challenge program impacted several essential markers of health, including weight, waist circumference, fatigue and energy levels, decreased hunger sensations, and improved mental health stats (anxiety, depression, social functioning).  Mental health you guys!  I feel the other stats are awesome, but probably to be expected.  But the ability of clean eating to improve mental health issues is ground-breaking, hence the need to keep the full study secret until the hospital publishes their findings.

So who should try clean eating?

Everyone.  The End.

Just kidding.  But truly, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from a move toward a whole food-based diet.

Pregnant or nursing?  

Still 100% a great option for you AND baby!  We are just extra careful with you, especially making sure you get enough calories.

Diabetic?  Hypoglycemic?  

As always, check with your doctor to make sure that any lifestyle change is right for your body.  But we have had scores of people with blood sugar issues have truly shocking success on our plan, with many even being able reduce their insulin and medications.  They report back that their doctors are delighted at their blood test results.  One of the reasons I personally became interested in clean eating is because I am hypoglycemic, and I struggled with it even more seriously while I was pregnant and after having children.  Eating carefully within the guidelines keeps my blood sugar very steady, which has eliminated my episodes.

High blood pressure?  High cholesterol?  

Right here.  We have seen excellent results, as seen on blood tests, even within 28 days.

Arthritis and joint pain?  Chronic pain from fibromyalgia?  

While we'll never claim that clean eating cures your disease, we have many Challengers who report a significant reduction in pain.  The best quick explanation about why clean eating can improve these symptoms is inflammation.  These symptoms are exacerbated by chronic inflammation.  By taking down the inflammatory response in your body, your symptoms are improved, often markedly.  Clean eating and encouraging your body towards an alkaline state reduces the inflammatory response.


Here again.  Many migraines are caused by food intolerances.  It is our mission to help you recognize and eliminate those.  My migraines have dropped to about one a year, since I started clean eating as a lifestyle.

Skin problems?  

Despite the fact that Arbonne has excellent skin care options, if you came to me with chronic skin issues, I would encourage you to try a Clean Eating Challenge first.  Why?  Because you can often heal those issues from the inside out.  Everything from cystic acne to eczema to unexplained rashes can be linked to food intolerances.  By eliminating those first, we can often more quickly and effectively utilize our skincare.

Digestive problems?  Bloating?  IBS?  

A month of clean eating is one of the best things you can do for your digestion.  Like I mentioned in the last post, one of Arbonne's main focuses during a Challenge is improving your gut health.  By increasing your healthy gut flora, and killing off bad gut bacteria, we have seen a huge improvement in these kinds of issues.  Again, this is not a cure.  But it does reduce unpleasant symptoms.


So many adults I know are suffering from exhaustion, lack of energy, and just a generally "blah" feeling.  And we just accept this, like it is okay.  NO.  Frankly, when Seth and I first started, I felt like I was already eating very healthy, so I didn't expect a change in my energy levels.  But the change in how you feel everyday is incredible.  Whole30 calls this "tiger blood", and you can expect to feel it from week 2 on.

Stubborn belly fat?  Stubborn ten pounds?  Seriously overweight?  

Yes, this is the place for you too.  Our Challengers see such impressive weight loss results that most continue the program beyond the 28 days.  This becomes a way of life, instead of a "diet".  It feels much easier to sustain after you have been supported and given great scientific information during your first month!

This is by no means a definitive list of symptoms that changing your diet can seriously improve, but these are among the most common problems our Challengers say our program has reduced or eliminated altogether.

Do you still have questions, or would you like to hear personal experiences from Challengers?

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