Friday, April 22, 2011

Small Things

A collection of little things I've been thinking.

*Raise your hand if you regularly wake up sleeping infants by checking their breathing.  You know, just in case.

*I am constantly horrified that the solution to most household problems seems to involve me getting less sleep.

*Husband recently discovered my shampoo in the shower.  Quite a step up for a man who's completely happy using a bar of soap on his head.

*The hour I have to get up in the morning to have quiet time has been creeping slowly north.  Of course, when the kids are teenagers, I'm sure I'll be bouncing out of bed at 5am each day, with four long hours to fill before they are rudely awakened by their lonely Mama.  Until then.....

*I am reminded, again, that if I don't take the time to sit and do the little things the kids want me to do now, no matter how trivial they seem, they will not come to me with their bigger interests and dramas later.

*When did we all get so busy?  It takes six months to pick a date to get together that works for everyone.  Remember when someone used to IM (ha!), and 45 minutes later all ten of us would be at Kams with a beer in our hands?!  Now it would be easier to get President Obama to Kams tomorrow than all of us.

*Sometimes, only for a second, I wish one of my kids were actually OCD, just so I'd have some help around the house.


  1. Hi Shannon -

    You said, "Husband recently discovered my shampoo in the shower. Quite a step up for a man who's completely happy using a bar of soap on his head."
    Hahaha...I can relate (err from your hubby's point of view). Shampoo preference is a priority to a man. That's a hurry-up and wash n go thing for us. BTW, nice photos of a group a pretty ladies. You all look happy when you get together. Maybe you girls should do more of that, just saying. Have a nice Monday. :)

  2. Those pictures are from college, which is now a shockingly long time in the past. Gulp. But you're right, we ARE happy when we're together, and we should do more of it!

    Happy Monday to you too!