Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What I'm Into, July 2016 Edition

We are just coming back from such a fun trip and my brain is stretched to its max with laundry, kids' camp, fall schedules, Arbonne trainings, and all the other minutiae of running a life.  So let's ease back into the blog with chatting about what we were into, in July, shall we?  (Was that already two weeks ago?  Indeed).

1.  Instant Pot

I have never had a pressure cooker, and no real interest in acquiring one, but SO many of my friends were raving about their Instant Pot.  When it came up for a great price on Amazon Prime Day, I threw it in the cart.  Well.  This thing is life-changing.  I have gone from frozen chicken breasts to shredded ready to eat chicken in less than an hour.  I have made dozens of hard boiled eggs where the shell slips right off, instead of the hellish amount of time it normally takes.  I am back to making my own yogurt again because it is all in one pot, instead of all the pots and bowls it was taking me before with the crockpot method.  And last night I made a huge roast and rice to go with it all in one pot, in less than an hour.  Basically, it is saving my kitchen life.

2.  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Even though I was camping in the woods with no cellular service at Yellowstone, I managed to get three separate NSale orders in as soon as the sale was open.  It is THAT good.  I am no fashion blogger, so this is not going to be a big mess of affiliate links, but the special thing about the Anniversary Sale is that it is all NEW fall line products, not older stuff on clearance.  It is also a great time to pick up certain pricey items for way less.  Here is what I usually look out for and stock up on:

  • Patagonia Down Jackets for kids
  • Patagonia Better Sweaters for adults
  • Bog chore boots
  • Frye boots (last year, riding boots.  This year, booties)
  • Hue leggings
  • Zella workout wear
  • Hanky Pankies
  • Natori bras
  • Paige Jeans
  • Splendid PJs
  • Barefoot Dreams cardigans
  • Any investment bags or shoes that make the sale
  • Thorlo running socks
  • Little Giraffe blankets for baby gifts
  • Any other designer tops or dresses that have caught my eye (but I didn't fall in love with anything)
  • Kendra Scott jewelry (but I didn't love this year's choices)
  • Any beauty tools I may need (Beauty Blender, curling irons, etc)

3.  Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Lake McConaughy

Oh my gosh, we saw so many beautiful places on this trip.  I want to go back to them all.  We only spent one night in Jackson Hole, and we are already planning a couples' trip back in the winter.  If you have not done the typical grand tour out west, I highly suggest it.  (Full post about Yellowstone and first-time RVing later).

4.  Supper Club

At the end of last year, we started a supper club-basically, a book club with no books, just food.  We asked about ten other couples to join us once a month for a themed dinner.  And it has been SO MUCH FUN.  We concentrated on people who own a business in our area, and while we don't ever talk about anything formally, it has been inspiring to support each other and have great conversations about how to help our community thrive.  If you feel like your life is full of too much "must do" and not enough "get to do", I highly suggest starting something like it.  We are pretty much guaranteed at least one fun date night per month now, and I am loving it!

5. Marathon Prep

If you follow me on FB or IG, you might have seen that I (suddenly) registered for my first marathon, in October.  I had been tossing around the idea of doing the New Orleans in February when my friend asked me to try for October with her instead.  The reminder that I would have to train in the snow or on treadmill for a winter race was enough to convince me to make the leap.  I am less than 8 weeks out and training is pretty much taking over my life.  It's all I think about.  It dictates how I eat.  I even gave up cocktails for the duration.  Obviously, this is getting serious (Why does blogger not have emojis?!  Am I missing something?) More on how I am preparing for a too-close-in-dates marathon, in another post, soon.

6.  NYC

Seth and I will be there for a super quick getaway next month.  Both of us have been there before, and neither one of us want to do any of the usual touristy stops.  We want to eat excellent food, stroll around and enjoy the city, and relax.  We might do a self-guided food tour of alllll the delicious food that we can't get here.  We already have lunch reservations at Del Posto, and dinner at Gramercy Tavern.  What would you make sure to do?  Highline?  Restaurants?  Give me all your favs.  We are excited to get away for a few days alone!

(Yogurt update: my kids ate the entire gallon in less than 12 hours.  Not sure this is a sustainable proposition.)

So tell me, what are you into right now?

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