Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Which Foundation Formula is Right for Your Skin?

After how to formulate a healthy eating plan, one of the questions I hear the most often in my business is how to figure out what foundation would be the best choice for your skin.  I love makeup and I have strong personal preferences, so I love to help people find their "holy grail" foundation.  Wearing the proper foundation makes a huge difference to the appearance of your skin, and your overall look.

As silly as it may sound, foundation is actually one of the reasons I began my business.  I had been on a long-term hunt at Sephora for foundation that had good coverage, wasn't cakey, and wore well.  I had bought and used probably at least ten over the past few years, and I hadn't found what I wanted.  The last straw was when I paid (Seth, avert your eyes), $75 for a foundation that I thought HAD to be the best, because of the brand and price. And it lasted maybe an hour on my skin before it was invisible.  So frustrating!  When I had a friend send me samples of Arbonne's liquid foundation, it was *exactly* what I had been searching for, and half the price.  As a skeptic, that really got me wondering about what could be different about it.

Now that I have done my research, I know that the best thing about Arbonne's makeup is that it is all formulated to *improve* your skin, not just to be a cosmetic product that covers up imperfections.  It is a HUGE difference when you wear makeup that isn't fighting against what you are using your skincare to treat, whether that is acne, aging, or sensitive skin.  Not only that, but Arbonne's makeup follows our strict ingredient policy, contains no animal products, and is never tested on animals, in any way.  Are you curious about why ingredients in makeup matter?  I was too.  Here is a handy little video:

And.....PSA off.  :)

Foundation comes in a ton of different choices these days, but there are three more popular formulations: liquid, mineral, and CC cream (BB cream, DD cream....this is called by so many names!)

Here is a chart that will hopefully help you figure out which formula will work best with your skin type, and your preferences.

My hands-down favorite is the liquid foundation.  That is my every-single-day choice.  My skin is normal to combination, and I prefer its medium to full coverage.  It stays in place all day without looking like a mask.

What about the others?

I use the CC Cream during the summer, when we are going to be running around so I want a little bit of coverage, but we will eventually end up at the pool, so I don't actually want a full face of makeup on. Mineral foundation is perfect for when it is humid and a powder formula will keep down the shine.

For those of you who just love to see photo evidence (me too!), here are three truly cringe-worthy selfies of the different coverages, with no other makeup on.

             Liquid                                                            Mineral                                                 CC Cream

You can grab any of these formulas here.

Speaking of, come back on Friday when I do a side by side photo comparison of other foundation brands, and see which brand really does make you look like you have something to hide.  And tomorrow morning, I'd love to have you join me on Periscope (@ArbonneVPSWenzel) for a discussion and tutorial of application methods for foundation.


  1. I like Perfecting Liquid Foundation. I've been using Honey Beige, but think I'd like a tiny bit more beige added. What do you suggest?

  2. Diane, when you say more beige, are you thinking a lighter shade? Can you describe for me exactly what you need to be different to make it exactly right?

    You can browse the options here:,263.aspx