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Easter 2014

So.  Let's pretend I didn't just take a yearlong break from blogging, shall we?  :)  For all of you wondering out there, Baby #5 seems to be the place where things start falling off the proverbial plate.  There have been so many things I want to talk to you about, and I wrote posts over and my head.  While I was walking a cranky baby.  Or listening to a beginning reader (for the love!).  Or folding laundry (someone asked me the other day: "Did you know that five kids come with a lot of laundry?"  Um, no.  I never noticed.  And they're expensive too you say?  Huh.  Sidenote: I love people).  Anyway, incredibly, posts written in my head never make it you here.  Strange.  :)

Quick update on us:

Olivia turns 9 in June.  Amelia turns 7 this month.  Charlotte is 5.  Henry is 3.  And Griffin is 17 months.  Seth and I are as young as we'll ever be.

We are still farming with Seth's family, which is an amazing blessing and a huge challenge.  We adore living close to my in-laws and Seth loves working with his dad.  Farming is his/our dream, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to do it with people we love and respect.  Having family that we see everyday is such a gift, for us and the kids.  I didn't grow up around extended family, and I am constantly surprised how much I love it.

 Farming is still a big challenge to both of us too.  The spring and fall bring long, long, long hours 7 days a week for Seth, and so no Daddy at home for us.  Seth has worked really hard to learn to balance a big family and the demands of farming.  The kids and I are still working on rising to the occasion.  :)  The hours around bedtime can get a little hairy.  And honestly?  I just plain miss my husband sometimes.  On the other hand, I have really seen my kids pull together to make our house run better, serve their siblings, and learn that they can work through days that seem rough.

We are also still homeschooling.  Olivia is in 3rd grade this year, Amelia in 1st, and Charlotte Pre-K4.  Henry and Griffin mostly just destroy the house, er, play during school-time.  We joined a Classical Conversations group this year, and it was a great decision.  I am constantly amazed at what they are learning. CC pushed the kids much further academically than I ever would have, and the girls LOVED it.  Our community has been so giving and welcoming to us.  If you're thinking about joining CC and on the fence, I highly encourage you to try it.  I thought about it for almost three years before we joined, and I so wish I had done it sooner!

Olivia, 8
Olivia is still into horses and riding, and reading.  She learned to sew this year, and she is constantly turning out projects.

Amelia, 6
Amelia is definitely our animal girl-she enjoys anything to do with animals, dead or alive.  :)  She still loves zebras and the color orange.

Charlotte, 5
Charlotte continues to be our firecracker.  She learning to read, and loves ballet class and doing whatever her sisters do.  All three girls are going to be in the ballet The Enchanted Attic with our local studio later this month.

Henry, 3
Henry is absolutely obsessed with tractors and trucks.  Since he was a tiny thing, he has loved spending the day with Seth at the farm.  People always ask if we encouraged him, but I truly believe it's genetic.  Our playroom has turned from pink and dolls to green and John Deere.

Griffin, 1

Baby Griffin has been walking for quite awhile now, and so has progressed to climbing anything and everything.  He chases after his siblings and loves to be outside.  Not really talking yet (perhaps because of the four other children who never stop!)  He is wearing me out...I had forgotten how busy the toddler boy stage is!
Seth has continued to experiment with smoking meats and making bbq.  The farm entered a local bbq contest last summer and took home some awards...his stuff is GOOD ya'll.   I started running again last year and ran a half marathon last November.  This is the longest I haven't been pregnant since 2004 (yes, seriously), and I'm started to almost feel like myself again.  (A much busier, crazier self, but still...)

Christmas Crazy, 2013

I *think* I've hit all the major points from the past year, but I could never really explain what life is like around here.  I feel so, so lucky.  I truly don't know why I have been so blessed with this life and these babies.  At the same time, both motherhood and farming are very stretching experiences for me, and I am operating outside my comfort zone about 100% of the time.  Some days feel really hard, but there is so much joy here.  I am grateful.

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