Friday, October 28, 2011

How to Not Die While Eating Wild Mushrooms.

An addendum from Farmer Brian (to this post):

"Tell them Farmer Brian says:  How do you tell a Clustered Brown Honey Mushroom from a bad random stump mushroom?  You remember what the neighbor lady showed your mother 50 years ago.  You see it-you pick it-you eat it!  If you don't die or get sick in 24 hours, share it with family and friends, and then brag about it!  After all, mushroom hunters are the only people remotely competitive with coon hunters and deer hunters about the size and number of their prey."

See, that clarified everything for you, right?! :)

If you don't have a half-century old lesson (or a father-in-law) to rely on, perhaps you should just come out and visit me, and get the Farmer Brian experience in person.  It comes with beer, and delicious mushrooms.

On a similar note, we are starting a new blog series called "Ask Farmer Brian".  If you have questions about farming, country life, agriculture, Monsanto, combines, corn, government payouts, or anything else you can think of, email me, post on my FB wall, or leave me a comment, and either Brian, or one of the other farmers in my life (hi Hubs!) will answer.

A ton of you guys have asked me questions that I can't answer, so this is your chance!

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