Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Festival

Last weekend was Fall Festival here in small town America, one of our favorite weekends of the year.  There is a huge parade and a carnival on Main Street, and pretty much everyone is there.  Everything else in town is closed.  Grandpa Leland always gets up super early to secure us the best parade seats, and, unlike Chicago, when you put out your lawn chairs, no one touches them.

I, of course, took more pictures than the newspaper.  Literally.  (Journal Standard?  Call me.  I work for cheap).

My favorite Father-in-law with the famous pork chop on a stick.  They sell these during the parade like ice cream.

My Daddy and Charlotte.  (See, the parade is so good even my parents drive out here for it!)

Charlotte, waiting patiently for the candy-tossing to begin.

Very patiently.

Besties Indira and Olivia

Amelia waves at the veterans.


Amelia, Charlotte, my Dad, Aidan

Charlotte and Grandma Jo wait for candy (well, Grandma Jo is mostly just waiting to snatch Charlotte out from underneath the wheels of a float as she runs for candy.  Thanks Mama Jo!  
Have I told you before that we could never have so much fun doing all the things that we do without our parents?!  Well.  Consider yourself told, because it is certainly the truth).


Are you seeing a theme?  Patriotism isn't just for the 4th of July around here.

Aidan, Indira, Olivia.  
Dear Children, stop growing up so fast, you are looking like teenagers.  Love, your Mama/sister

Grandpa Corey and Charlotte were best friends all weekend

Amelia says enough with the pictures

Seth insisted I get pictures of this one.  "Do you think we could do that to the Deere, honey?!"  
I am the wrong girl to ask.

Don't get this everyday at a Chicago parade

Or this.  Come on in with your dead deer, and we'll process them.  Here's a coupon!

Grandpa Leland and the Ham Stand.  Doing a brisk business, as always. 


Thanks for visiting our town!  Come back again soon!

Just case you aren't convinced that we do indeed live in Mayberry, let me tell you that they recently started piping music onto Main Street.  Not just one store blaring out the window, but the whole town.  

I love it, of course.  

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